Bansko Webcams

These are live webcams from Bansko ski resort.
Further down is a live video feed showing the queue at the gondola station.


This camera is located in Bansko town at 990m and shows the gondola's leaving the gondola station in town. The gondola takes 20 minutes and passes through a mid-station at Chalin Valog before continuing up to Banderishka.

Chalin Valog

Chalin Valog (1200m) is the mid-way station when travelling up into the mountain by gondola. It has two red runs which merge into a wide blue area. Chalin valog can also be reached by taking the blue ski road from Banderishka which takes you into the wide easy blue area of Chalin Valog. From here you can either take a chair lift back to the top of Chalin Valog or continue on via the ski road into town.


Banderishka (1620m) is the main meeting point on the mountain. It is the meeting point for all lessons and also has a number of bars and restaurants. There is also a couple of beginner slopes here with travelators.


Shiligarnika (1730m) is another main meeting area with a couple of bars and several chair lifts to take you to different parts of the mountain. You can also take the ski road 2 down to Chalin Valog from here, or ski road 1 will take you down to Banderishka.


The plato (2200m) is home to two wide open-pistes coming down from the top of Todorka. Up here you will find 'The Goat'. Bansko's highest mountain restaurant as well as the snow park. From here a number of blue runs will take you down to Shiligarnika.


Todorka (2550m) is the highest point in Bansko resort. From here you can head left to take one of the red and black runs down the mountain, or veer right and take one of the Plato (blue) runs down. A serie's of blues will lead you down to Shiligarnika.